CAFIID Mission

The Canada Forum for Impact Investment and Development (CAFIID) is a platform for members to learn, share, collaborate and act as a collective voice to strengthen the value and the volume of impact investment in developing countries.


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CAFIID will advance Canada’s contributions, and flows of capital, towards impact investment in developing countries creating more sustainable and equitable communities.


Who we are

CAFIID is a Canadian community of individuals, organizations and investors working in developing countries who treat social and environmental impact and financial return as coexisting priorities. Collectively, CAFIID members combine many years of collaboration and engagement with a track record of innovation in structuring and funding impact investment products, designing and delivering technical assistance, and promoting sustainable investment ecosystems.

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The Canada Forum for Impact Investment and Development (CAFIID) was established by MEDA in the summer of 2014. CAFIID rapidly gained support of industry stakeholders – including senior representatives of impact investment funds, non-governmental organizations, foundations, family offices, consulting firms, research institutions and businesses – who wished to offer a collective voice in support of transformative development finance mechanisms.

Early activities involved regular meetings at events such as the Social Finance Forum (SFF), hosting of public forums, development of marketing materials, awareness raising and advocacy with the government of Canada, and growth of the network itself.

In 2016, with momentum building and the support of network members, members decided to formalize the association by setting up a steering committee and working groups and move to the next stage of its development. CAFIID became a registered Canadian non-profit organization in August 2017 and elected its first board in September 2017.

Team and Governance 

Board of directors

Serge LeVert-Chiasson - CAFIID - Chair

Serge LeVert-Chiasson | Chair


Stephanie Emond - CAFIID - Director.png

Stephanie Emond | Vice-Chair


Majid Headshot3.png

Majid Mirza | Treasurer


Melwyn Dcosta - CAFIID - Secretary

Melwyn Dcosta | Secretary


Chris Clubb - CAFIID - Chair.png

Chris Clubb | Director


Josh Folkema - CAFIID - Director

Josh Folkema | Director

World Vision

Robert BW.png

Robert Cheberiak | Director


Marie-Claude Bourgie Square.png

Marie-Claude Bourgie | Director

One Drop


Learning and sharing committee

Ted Thomas | Chair


Majid Mirza | Member


Collaboration and Resource Committee

Susanne Courtney | Chair

Power of Voice

Melwyn Dcosta | Member

OTEC Workforce Solutions

Ben Peterson | Member


Chris Clubb | Member


Marie-Claude Bourgie | Member

One Drop

Steve Mason | Member


Stéphanie Émond | Member

FinDev Canada

Sustainability committee

Anaar Kara | Co-Chair

Anaar Kara

James Haga | Member

Engineers Without Borders

Albert Tseng | Member

Moonspire Social Ventures

Christian Novak | Co-chair

Frontier Markets Advisors

Etienne Grall | Member

FinDev Canada

Serge LeVert-Chiasson | Member


Ariane Ryan | Member