Développement International Desjardins (DID)


Established in 1970, Développement International Desjardins, or “DID” is a not-for-profit-organisation based in Lévis, Québec, part of the Desjardins financial group. DID’s objective is to improve access to quality financial services in developing countries, while fostering the development of local resources and capacity. This is achieved through three lines of activity: by providing technical assistance, through investments in inclusive finance, and by launching and operating SME-finance institutions in countries where the SME sector is underserved. DID’s investment activities focus on countries where access to quality financial services is lacking. DID seeks to work with socially-minded financial institutions with a proven track record, who are working to improve access to quality financial services and thereby helping to unlock their country’s economic potential.  


Voting Member: Robert Cheberiak

Member since 2017