Government of Canada seeks Innovative Finance Fellows


The Government of Canada is dedicated to innovative finance and is looking for its first group of Innovative Finance Fellows to inform and improve policies and programs; specifically, innovative finance and impact investing specialists.

Recruits will work primarily to advance the Impact Canada Initiative, a whole-of-government effort to accelerate the use of innovative, outcomes-based funding approaches to deliver meaningful results to Canadians. These approaches shift the emphasis from paying for process and outputs towards paying for results, using new tools like prizes/challenges and pay-for-success instruments.

 This is a unique opportunity for finance specialists that have an interest in the strategic blending of public, private, philanthropic, and not-for-profit capital and resources to achieve positive economic, social, and/or environmental outcomes. 

 Chad Hartnell, the Director of Operations of the Impact and Innovation Unit (IIU) within the Government of Canada’s Privy Council Office, is leading this Fellowship recruitment campaign. I am pleased to share this job ad. For more information about the Impact Canada Initiative, including potential partnership opportunities, please contact Valérie Anglehart, Program Coordinator, at and +1 613-952-6734.

Serge LeVert-Chiasson