DOT is a youth-led movement of Daring Social Innovators who have the tools, knowledge, and networks to create opportunities and transform their own communities. We support youth to become innovators and leaders, and to create and apply digital solutions that have positive impact in their communities.

We work with youth, the private sector, governments, and community-based organizations towards a collaborative vision of communities around the world shaped by daring social innovators. Our growing network of 6,000 youth have created opportunities for 1 million people in communities across Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Indigenous Canada.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, DOT’s network includes with locally-managed offices in Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and the UK. Our programs and platforms are diverse. We believe in purposeful localization and co-design with youth, for youth. We collaborate with the private sector, governments, and community-based organiåztions to develop youth-led solutions that transform communities and create opportunities. 


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