The Coady International Institute


The Coady International Institute was established in 1959 by St. Francis Xavier University to build on the Antigonish Movement, a social and economic movement to activate communities through education and organization. Our work traces its roots back to the work in the 1920s and 1930s to encourage and foster community-based, member-owned cooperatives and credit unions in the wake of widespread economic depression and hardships in Canada and abroad. Today, the Institute offers diverse courses for development practitioners on the campus of St. Francis Xavier University while providing a mix of in-country and online supports to partners and alumni in their home settings. Coady staff and faculty have extensive field experience in Asia, Africa, North America, and Latin America. They regularly return to the field to work with long-standing partners and reach new audiences, strengthening capacities and ensuring that the Institute’s education programs are informed by new innovations and practice. 

The Coady Institute:

  • Offers high quality educational programming, training and research;

  • Works with partner organizations around the world to help them build their capacity;

  • Provides programs for specific target groups such as Indigenous people, women and youth;

  • Supports a learning network to grow and share new knowledge of successful development practice.


Voting member: Yogesh Ghore

Member since 2019