Creating Impact: How to Scale Up Impact Investing


Dear colleagues,

As impact investing grows in scale and attracts greater investment flows, more asset owners, asset managers and advisors are increasingly involved in sourcing, screening and reporting on investments that deliver measurable impact alongside financial returns. IFC estimates that globally over $800 billion is currently invested for impact in private markets alone, but this represents only a fraction of the appetite from investors for assets that deliver both financial returns and measured impact. Both institutional and retail investors are increasingly looking beyond financial returns, and expect their portfolios to contribute to creating a better world.

What does the market look like today, and how can it scale up to meet investor demand? What are the best practices in managing investments for impact? How can we avoid "impact washing" of investments resulting in loss of investor confidence?

The IFC, Convergence Blended Finance and CAFIID are pleased to invite you to participate in an Impact Investment Knowledge Exchange and Workshop on June 20th in Toronto. The conversation will focus on taking stock of the overall impact investing market, the Impact Principles and identifying how the market can achieve greater scale with transparency and discipline. Additionally, we will explore the use of blended finance as one avenue to create impact investing assets globally.

We hope you will be interested to join us. The session will be held in Toronto at the MaRS Center in Conference Room 3 on June 20 from 13:00 to 15:30

Please RSVP to this Eventbrite invite as soon as practical and by June 14, 2019. Tickets will be allocated on a first come/first served basis.


Neil Gregory, IFC, Chief Thought Leadership Officer

Christopher Clubb, Convergence, Managing Director

Serge Levert-Chiasson, CAFIID, Chair

Adam PriesMaRS