CAFIID Knowledge Exchange Series: Innovative Finance Toronto


The Canadian Forum for Impact Investing and Development (CAFIID) is pleased to invite you to join us in Toronto on May 27th for a workshop on new models of investment and financing in emerging markets. The CAFIID Knowledge Exchange Series on Innovative Finance will provide information, learning and networking to members and invited guests in cities across Canada. Innovative financing for development refers to initiatives that aim to raise new funds for development or to optimize the use of current funds. Blended finance is a leading form of innovative finance which seeks to improve the risk-return profiles of investment opportunities in developing countries to mobilize private sector investment in a project, company, portfolio, or country that they would otherwise not invest in.

What is blended finance all about?

See the models in action with the practical case of Climate Investor One, a $1B renewable energy fund that combines three investment facilities into one to finance projects in the wind, solar and hydro sectors, and the Cameroon Kangaroo Mother Care Development Bond, which aims to reach more than 2,200 newborns with life-improving care. Development impact bonds (DIBs) are generating renewed interest from international development donors and investors alike. With a pay-for-results financing approach, all Kangaroo Mother Care DIB program partners are driven by achieving better health outcomes for newborns - giving the program managers the flexibility to adjust their implementation to best hit targets within the funding and timeline parameters agreed in advance.

Please join us for an interactive workshop led by Chris Clubb, MD of Convergence in collaboration with the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing. The workshop will:

  • Provide participants a beginner- to intermediate-level of knowledge of innovative finance and blended finance for developing countries

  • Describe how blended finance is a sub-set of innovative finance

  • Describe how blended finance is one tool in the development toolbox which complements traditional tools such as grants, technical assistance, capacity building, sovereign loans and development finance

  • Describe how development capital can be deployed in a blended finance transaction to create an acceptable risk-return investment profile that can mobilize private sector investment to increase the quantity and quality of financing and investment in developing countries

  • Describe the ‘State of Blended Finance’ globally and in Canada (i.e., key trends and current landscape)

  • Describe the main international advancements and activities in blended finance, including the OECD Blended Finance Principles and the Tri Hita Karan Roadmap for Blended Finance

  • Profile good practice innovative finance / blended finance case studies, skewing towards Canadian organizations

To join us in Toronto on May 27th, please RSVP for this intimate gathering with Canadians and Canadian-organizations in finance to learn about the players, deal structures, available resources and thought-leaders.

This event has been made possible through support from MaRS,Convergence, and Oikocredit Canada.